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how to register for free on the web
Napsal uživatel Denny   
Úterý, 21 Leden 2014 23:18

So little recap, we have installed FTP program WinSCP. We also have a registered email (assuming that i can set up a child of six) is followed to register a subdomain or domain third-order example:

Name presentations selected subdomain is important even at the same time, for example, what products you sell or offer. So it is important to focus on the name of the views of your products for sale.

As an example, you sell a product you bind your wedding flowers to be so by the presentation could name such as are primarily concerned that the domain or subdomain name better promoted in the search servers. Thus, your presentation will be more naštěvovaná thanks zvolému name correctly. The only problem is that if you look for free domain as there's a good chance that someone had already registered before you. So we have to invent a name similar or completely different.

Basic data on the freehosting are:

  • 250 megabytes of disk space
  • showing a slide show with or
  • support php5 scripting language
  • Support databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, LiteSQL including automatic database backups
  • statistics
  • EMAIL-capacity 150MB, antivirus, antispam

The basic conditions are that after registration you upload to your web presentation within 78 hours of registration. If you want to read in detail throughout and conditions are contained in the registration window.

Followed by registration subdomain registration, I chose
Now you'll learn exactly how to proceed with the registration, will follow five steps ...

Open the page
Here select the name of the subdomain


As seen in picture #1, you can choose from several domains third order.
When you write a name in the domain name and select the domain for the second order so you "robot" tell me if this name is free. Perhaps the word "robot" is poorly told this is called program verification (validation script) that connects to a database on a server and checks whether the name is available.

For demonstration purposes I chose the title pages

The following picture #2. where you can see how it will look like the address of your presentation. Click to continue the enrollment of a user.

The picture No. 3. We see a blank form where write your name and surname.
I do not know if it's also important addresses and phone Registrator it would probably have to ask.
In my opinion, it would be enough just the name, surname and email.

Fill in the required information and click the icon to continue the button "pokracovat" ...

Followed copy the security code shown in Figure No. 4.
Unfortunately I was the first security code failed to correctly copy Uups ... ;-)
Only explanation for Beginners: The security code they had to incorporate all registrars, because there are so-called "robots". Thus, mini programs that have previously registered hundreds of pages without someone used their content. A operators it made wrinkles on the forehead, these programs because they unnecessarily burdening the server and also they soon began to experience space for other people. monitors read the security code shown in Figure No. 4.


If you enter the correct security code so there is a selection of category pages, see picture #5
I chose the Internet - personal pages ... Of course, the selection of inclusion in the catalog is up to you.


The following completion of the first part of the registration. Figure No. 6 Just type 2x zasebou same password for access to the entire account.
A step No. 6 (picture to hopefully not needed) and text to complete the registration with the fact that you come to email all the necessary credentials.


So to make it clear to everyone how the program via FTP (WinSCP) and upload your presentation on web and mention almost all the data that I received in the mail. For security reasons, passwords I erased.

There is still a need to establish a MySQL database is not nothing fancy. Could the right foundation for the initial registration, but save space and server capacity.

So in a new window to open the link:


The picture number XY (I do not know what it is?;-) Roletece in selecting a second level domain in which your presentation will enter username and password. After logging in you will see a menu and list your site.


In the left menu you have different types of databases and their management. Spirited we need to establish a database MySQL, MySQL wedge on the menu and there is a submenu Status MySQL wedges on the range and in the middle window displays.



Select the option Create a MySQL database ... The next step is restored window to enter the same password 2.


In this picture we see the login information to the database to store these data suggest into a text file in Notepad, for example, including data that came to email. For security reasons, I have a password for access to the database again deleted.

It is also important that when you create a database, you need to click on the left menu to Logout.


One thing, open the program WinSCP and enter the information as shown, for seamless upload files to the server, it is necessary zafajkovat Advanced Options, and then in the Connection menu and zafajkovat the passive mode. Some free hosting can be upload files only in passive mode.

At the end of every lap to the store. When saving is possible zafajkovat save your password for security reasons I would not recommend it. Although it has the disadvantage that there will have to login each time you re-write the password but no one else gets there.
If to you to get a computer hacker or Záškodná software (spyware) so you can search on the disk configuration file WinSCP and sends this file with the saved passwords to someone in the internet ..

One thing, open the program WinSCP and enter the information as shown, for bezproPak already your presentation can access it and can easily be changed or deleted.

Another article will follow ... It will be called: How to install Joomla 1.5.22

Bay! Denny...

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