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Otherwise the New World for the elderly, handicapped and others - Czech Repulic
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Napsal uživatel Administrator   
Pondělí, 11 Srpen 2008 10:19

This year, created a new website designed especially for people with disabilities and seniors. They named the world differently from the fact that these two large groups of people live together with us in our real world and yet feel that they can use only a part. Restrict either health problems, advanced age, often they are very specific restrictions in connection with certain disabilities. Yet they also want to live like other populations, at least within the limits of their capabilities. Offer web site is directed at areas that are common: life without a partner, problems with size or inappropriateness of housing, free advertising, joint events, serious and frivolous articles, and much more.

The offer
of the World section are otherwise familiar and housing. All publicity is free. Otherwise, you will find in the World articles from the world from home, responding to the constantly changing situation in laws and regulations in the social field. At the same time everyone has the opportunity to express their opinion on any related topic, like on any blog. It remains to be alert and on objective and subjective obstacles that these people must overcome. But the mere designation of the problem is not enough, you need along with them and help find appropriate solutions.

For all the world offers other suitable relaxation and wellness stays. This year, she successfully passed the first autumn trip to Moravian Losiny thermal baths. In the spring of 2012 is still current offer subsidized trip to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. May week-long tour is offered at a substantial discount for CZK 10,990, a subsidy paid directly to Cyprus, but only for off season stays. Subsidies are not restricted by age clients. May is in Cyprus pleasant for swimming and trips. Both can be completed within the residence. Trip is suitable for those who prefer to do business trips and discover new ones, but also for those who want to relax by the sea. Just pick.

A crisis card is a project that was originally on the site of the world differently, and slowly gets into public awareness. It aims to help all who need help. It may not just be people with disabilities or seniors. A sense of crisis, panic and fear and can experience your child, spouse or parent. Not everyone is capable of a stressful situation easily overcome, so I will use the possibility to ask for help. Those who are in such a situation ever got in life can have emergency card with you as an insurance policy, to repeat an unpleasant experience.

Crisis card contains a section marked as a lay help. Certainly this is not an imaginary emergency, which requires special knowledge. Everything about what the owner of Crisis card requests is shown on the card. There is nothing easier than effectively.

A crisis card is slid into separate web pages, links pages created and Certainly, these sites are not confined to the elderly and persons with disabilities or physical handicaps, but offers new and interesting information to all who are related to social work and social areas. To all who reflect upon today's world.


„Mít rád lidi a milovat lidi to je celé tajemství a snad jediný recept na štěstí.“ Jan Werich